Silicone Breast Shield 24 MM.


100% Silicone Breast Shield 24 MM. (fit for Asians), an Attitude Mom exclusive which means

there’s no air bubble so that the Breast Shield could tightly closed to the breast base and get more

pumping power. The silicone has certified by FDA with Non-Carcinogenic that no one could

mimic. The silicone will tightly closed to the breast and mama will feel comfortable and tighten

when used in which mama can feel the differences from other type of Breast Shield. There’re

various modes of using that can fulfill the modern mom. Mama can lean back up to 45 degrees

angle. Its flexibility serves all positions, just sit back relax and comfy.

Cleaning Guides:

In order to maintain the best condition, scalded in warm water at temperature not exceed 120ºC.


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