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Attitude Mom Co., Ltd. has established in 2015, an affiliate of Innovation Premium Import Co., Ltd.those who has experience more than 10 years in imported business. I’m SureeKhunnamongkol (Aim), Managing Director, would like to change people’s attitude of “Foreign Brand and Expensive Products are always good”. Thus, I would like to manufacture my own product brand with a self-quality control and selection. Furthermore, our product must meet an international standard and the price should be reasonable for Thai people. I’ve took time to think and seek for the best business that suit me so I’ve tried to look around the important thing besides me and I found my two little kids “Nong Premium” and “NongPrewa”, my son and my daughter. There’re facts of differences in them which are my son, he could easily get sick and alwayshospitalized but different with my daughter, she’s a healthy girl and she got fast recovery without seeing a doctor s...
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